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CTS combines practicality and professionalism when it comes to software and hardware solutions. We make sure that every client we work with receives the best products and systems in the market that suits their allotted budget and requirements. We will never hard sell anything for hopes of meeting our targets, but prioritize the acceleration of your business through better technological solutions instead. Our team of seasoned tech experts will not only guide you through the process and help you install and maintain systems, they will establish long-term partnerships with you and will ensure that every component of your business is up and running.

Why Choose CTS Software and Hardware Solutions?

Here at CTS, we don’t just establish intelligent company systems, we also make sure that their systems are intuitive, making communications between companies and their customers smooth and productive. Here are some of the best aspects of our tech services that we take pride in:

Reliable Industry-Specific Software

CTS also helps source, install, and set up industry-specific software needed in businesses or companies in various fields. These types of software intend to improve the efficiency of operations in companies as well as to support pre-existing technologies that can implement varied tasks or processes. Among the industry-specific software we install include HR, document management, banking, bookkeeping/accounting, insurance, etc.

Excellent Vendor Agnosticism

What many clients don’t realize is that software don’t always need to go with the OS of the same brand. This type of clients commonly fall into the expensive trap of purchasing devices that matches their system just because their network provider said so. CTS doesn’t hard sell same-brand items to clients. We do a comprehensive research and then conduct a variety of tests before we create our recommendations and implement our client’s chosen plans. We base our recommendations on the requirements of our clients as well as the best options they have that’s within their budget.

Progressive Website and Application Development

To help boost visibility and potential sales, CTS believes that every company or business in any industry needs a website to achieve that. Our tech and development teams are proficient in a myriad of web and application development including: Front and Backend Web Development, Android Development, Craft CMS Development, iOS Development, Content Management Systems (CMS), WordPress, Node.js, API Integrations, Shopping and eCommerce Integration, and many others.

Highly-Adaptive Infrastructure Software

We don’t simply install and set up software or OS such as Microsoft Office and Windows, we’ve also added maintenance software such as antivirus and specialist software to support the existing software the business needs. If our tech experts detect a need to add specific software to make your security, connectivity, or productivity better, suggestions will be made and explained in further detail.

Influential Partnerships with Trusted Providers

CTS has been in touch with a number of dedicated and dependable software and service providers throughout our years of being in the industry. We partner with all major software vendors and have premier access to their support staff. With our partnerships, we get immediate and holistic assistance for any issue or concern that we need to resolve to further cement the best customer service experience for all our valued clients.


VoIP or IP telephony (also called Voice Over Internet Protocol) converts analog audio signals into digital data over the internet that allows users to conduct online calls. Unlike traditional circuit-switched networks, VoIP helps companies create a unified voice and data network. Another benefit of this protocol is that it reduces network infrastructure costs due to its ability to connect voice services through private networks and broadband. Without costing anything extra unlike how traditional phone company’s would require, VoIP allows for return calls, three-way calls, caller ID, repeat dial, call transfers, and call waiting features.

Using a VoIP service also gives you the freedom to choose the device you can take and make the calls from: ATA, Computer-to-computer, IP Phones or via WiFi Phones. An ATA (Analog Telephone Adaptor) is the most common way VoIPs are used. This device connects your computer or internet connection to a standard phone. Computer-to-computer connections eliminate the need for long distance calls and can be done through an internet connection, a cable/DSL modem, speakers, microphone, and a sound card. As for IP Phones, these specialized phones look similar to typical phones but have ethernet connectors. These phones connect directly to your router while WiFi Phones connect to any WiFi hotspot and don’t require a direct connection to a router.

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