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  • Short Timeline For Kaspersky Customers Following Ban by Government
    Media outlets across the globe have reported on the ban placed on the sale and use of Kaspersky within the US by the Department of Commerce on June 20, citing continued use of Kaspersky presents an “undue or unacceptable national security risk.” With Kaspersky being a Russian company, the security …


What We Do


Design, build, and maintain: These are the key elements for an efficient and productive business that we can provide for you.


More than just creating a pretty website – we promote and create your digital brand that will increase sales.


Regardless of industry, your data is your lifeblood and being compromised is a not an option. Our proactive and layered defenses will ensure protection.

What a Technology Partner Can Do for You

Increased Operational Efficiency:

CTS can optimize IT operations by implementing efficient processes, automation, and monitoring. This enhanced efficiency translates into reduced downtime, faster problem resolution, and improved overall business productivity. As operational efficiency increases, businesses can redirect resources toward revenue-generating activities and growth initiatives.

Scalable Solutions for Business Expansion:

CTS offers scalable IT solutions that can adapt to the evolving needs of a growing business. Whether expanding into new markets, onboarding more customers, or launching new products/services, CTS ensures that the IT infrastructure scales seamlessly, supporting the increased demands without compromising performance.

Proactive Technology Planning and Strategy:

CTS acts as strategic advisors, collaborating with businesses to align technology with overall business goals. They can assist in long-term technology planning, ensuring that IT investments support revenue-generating strategies. By staying ahead of technological trends, CTS contribute to a competitive edge and foster an environment conducive to business growth.

Reliable and Available Systems for Customer Satisfaction:

CTS provides continuous monitoring, maintenance, and support, minimizing downtime and ensuring that systems remain available. Reliability in IT systems contributes to a positive customer experience, improving satisfaction and retention rates. Satisfied customers are more likely to generate repeat business and referrals, driving revenue growth.

Cybersecurity and Data Protection:

CTS focus on cybersecurity, implementing robust measures to protect against data breaches and cyber threats. By safeguarding customer data and ensuring compliance with regulations, CTS contribute to building and maintaining trust. A secure environment not only protects the business from potential financial losses but also enhances its reputation, fostering growth opportunities.

Why Choose CTS

On the surface, it may seem like we are just another IT consulting company with our website, social media, ticket system, and traditional support options. After getting to know us, it is clear that we are much more than just another IT consulting firm, with our client testimonials and referrals speaking to what sets us apart from other companies – our deep desire to ensure our customers can depend on us as their IT partner while receiving excellent service.

Our founder built this company on a simple but very important concept: Obsessive Client Focus. After working with our clients for over two decades, we are not just an extension of your business, rather we are part of your family. We partner with our clients to ensure that we provide the service that not only meets but exceeds their expectations and is only possible by our operating principles:

  • Your goals and priorities are ours
  • We take care of your IT, so you can focus on the growth of your business
  • We value your investment in IT as though it was our own
  • We are always honest and professional
  • Your efficiency and productivity are our passion, and we are proactive in managing and protecting your systems
  • We test and retest all of our work to ensure it really works when we pass it over to you
  • We design/develop websites that support your business strategies and branding and actually drive your topline sales
  • We only recommend investing in equipment, software, cybersecurity, and support that makes sense for your business
  • We are always on time for appointments and keep you updated if running behind
  • Our response time is less than one hour


What People are Saying

Your team is great – professional, attentive, persistent, and thoughtful. We are truly fortunate to have CTS as an IT partner. Thank you, CTS!

Joseph M.

The representative that handled my issue was fast to initiate contact and provide me with direction to solve my problem. Awesome support!

Eric D.

I am truly grateful for the top-notch service. Tech is not my strength, and I don’t speak the language. I really appreciate the patience, kindness, and above and beyond service.

Stacy J.

The whole CTS team is great! I love working with the team. Quick turnaround, helpful, and I never feel like a number. They really take the time to get to know me.

Julie M.

Even though I had not flagged my request as urgent, I got a very prompt reply and continued attention, even after hours. I so appreciate CTS’s willingness to step in alongside us as an invested partner in finding resolutions. It could be easy to be a disconnected “help desk” at a distance, disconnecting when an answer is provided, but CTS cultivates a reassuring sense of committed partnership. For that, thank you!

Ann R.

This was a tricky issue and it was resolved with real knowledge and insight. I was very impressed, great job!

Jay R.

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