Let’s get right down to the burning question: Can a cloud-managed service provider really make your company more efficient? 

Well, how big is your business? Do you have the resources to pay an in-house IT person per year? 

It just doesn’t make good business sense to shell out large amounts of money for IT overhead when you operate a small or medium-scale business. This is where hiring a cloud-managed service provider makes perfect sense. 

You get the service you need at a fraction of the cost it would entail compared to hiring a full-time IT person and only when you need their services. It is also in a cloud-managed service provider company’s best interest to ensure your system is up to date. That means they’ll be working in the background making scheduled maintenance checks and upgrades for you without your active participation. 

Sound good so far? 


There’s more. 

Here’s What You Can Expect From A Cloud Managed Service Provider 

What are the basic services you can expect from a cloud-managed service provider? Here are a few things a cloud-managed service provider can include in their SLA with you: 

24/7 Systems Monitoring and Management 

Getting the services of a cloud-managed service provider ensures you that there will always be someone monitoring and managing your system day in and day out whether you actively participate or not. 

Backup Recovery and Cloud Security 

Putting up all that information in the cloud requires a high level of security to ensure its safety. But in the event that something should happen you’d also want to have the peace of mind that everything you uploaded into the cloud can be recovered. 

Handling Database Administration and Network Operations 

This complicated process can be handled by your cloud-managed service provider with ease. 

Performance Vulnerability and Penetration Testing 

There is always a security threat out there. What decides what gets in is your level of defense against any and all attacks. For this, a cloud-managed service provider can simulate security breaches and create ways to counter these attacks to ensure your system’s overall protection. 

Incident and User Access Management 

Authentication and authorization protocols can be handled by your cloud-managed service provider to ensure that only the right people have access to the right areas. 

Centralized Logs and Configuration Management 

If you want to know what’s happening within your system, a Cloud Managed Service Provider can provide you with a detailed report to let you stay on top of things. 

As you can see, almost everything that you need to keep your IT infrastructure running securely and in an efficient manner can be handled by your cloud-managed service provider. And the great thing about that is this: these features almost always are counted as the basic, entry-level services you can expect.  

For more complicated operations, you can ask your cloud-managed service provider and discuss advanced solutions you may need down the road. 

More Benefits You Can Get from Hiring a Cloud Managed Service Provider 

Businesses these days rely heavily on information. Without a cloud-managed service provider looking out for you, your business could fall victim to security threats and data loss. Even worse, this can lead to downtime that will cost your company massive amounts of money. 

So here are some more reasons why it is highly beneficial for you to hire a cloud-managed service provider to take care of your IT infrastructure. 

Save Money 

This might be the biggest reason why most companies hire a cloud-managed service provider. At first, the cost might look huge but over time, this will pay for itself. 

Think about it, why spend precious resources hiring an in-house IT department when you can get a fully staffed, fully equipped cloud-managed service provider working for you at a fraction of the cost annually? 

This alone is more than enough reason to find a competent cloud-managed service provider who charges the amount you can pay. 

You Can Adjust Your Budget Appropriately  

The services you get from a cloud-managed service provider are adjustable. You only need to pay for the services that you need. This will allow you to plan your spending over the course of a year. The predictability of your budget will help you plan where to put your resources better to further your business’ plans. 

Future Proof Yourself 

Migrating your business to the cloud removes the limitations current equipment place on your IT infrastructure. This also removes the need to train your IT personnel to adjust to new technology and also replace obsolete equipment. 

Hiring a cloud-managed service provider removes all of that future headache as they continuously improve their skills and technology to cater to your needs. The good thing about that is you won’t have to think about paying for their training or upgrades. 

Customized Services Based on Your Needs 

Cloud-managed service providers can provide you the flexibility needed to adjust to your needs. There isn’t a one-solution-fits-all type of service. There will always be areas that need to be customized. Cloud-managed service providers already have the experience needed to address your needs and provide the custom solution you need. 

Robust Network Infrastructure with 24/7 Management 

Cloud-managed service providers monitor your network 24/7 and ensure you are always up-to-date with the latest security patches. They also have the manpower and equipment needed to ensure you are always protected from any threat or downtime. 

Everything is Centralized 

Cloud-managed service providers have a centralized data center where they manage all their services and applications. They also allow ease of access to your employees leading to an increase in productivity and the insurance that everything is stored and backed up in your centralized network. 

Faster Response Time 

Cloud-managed service providers work towards familiarizing themselves with your system. This leads to faster response times based on their intimate knowledge of your system ensuring service uptime and con 

Recover from Disastrous Events Faster 

Cloud-managed service providers have redundant systems in place to make your data safer and more resilient against security threats. In the event of a disaster, you can have the peace of mind that your business operations will continue without any or with very minimal downtime. 

Vendor-Specific Issue Resolutions 

An IT infrastructure is made up of different components that may come from different vendors. When issues arise, tracking down where it originated and dealing with the specific vendor is going to take time. That does not include the time needed to resolve the issue and get the best results. 

A cloud-managed service provider can take away that headache from your hands and let them deal with it without your even knowing it through their constant monitoring. Chances are, they already have experience with the issue and also have a standing relationship with the vendor involved. This will make resolving these things faster and with fewer complications.  


As you can see, hiring the services of a cloud-managed service provider can rid you of a lot of IT-related headaches while cutting down your expenses at the same time. CTS can provide you with the services you need and more. 

To find out more about these services, send us an email or give us a call and someone will be with you right away to assist you.