Most startup businesses dissolve in a few years because they are too resistant to change. It is important for a business to stay agile, flexible, and always open to new technologies that can drive the business forward. 

SD-WAN is a new generation tech that can help you make quick network changes in response to your varying requirements. SD-WAN or Software-Defined Wide Area Network is a great way to direct traffic across your network in a safe and intelligent way. 

One of the largest benefits is that SD-WAN requires no human interaction. You have the ability to employ other WAN services like MPLS and still apply the policy-based SD-WAN control features. 

But should you go through all this trouble all by yourself? Certainly Not! Working with a trustworthy Managed Service Provider (MSP) like CTS can do the trick to get your SD-WAN set up and implemented. But how can our SD-WAN services help your business? Let’s find out. 


1. You Can Opt For Policy-Based Automation

If you are reading this article, you probably know that SD-WANs are intelligent when compared to traditional routers. But how do they compare? What does SD-WAN do to help you better realize the application requirements?

With SD-WANs, you get to configure predefined policies of how it treats applications. These policies will further help you push specific actions. It is as simple as telling it to take a certain route if it meets a particular condition. 


2. You Can Employ Network Functions Based On Your Demand

NFV or Network Function Virtualization is another interesting feature that comes with SD-WAN. NFV is helping enterprises around the globe apply various network capabilities based on demand. 

SD-WAN separates forwarding and network control. Similar to this, NFV separates the network functions from hardware and puts them in software. 

As a result of this, you can run essential functions such as firewall, DNS, IPS, and caching on software either on the cloud or on your premises. Since there’s no hardware involved, you can deploy on-demand network functions quickly. 


3. Super-Fast Cloud Resources

Most companies use cloud-based resources and SaaS applications due to their computing capacity. They can benefit from the usage of SD-WAN. SD-WAN can accelerate the speed at which they operate. 

One can only establish a cloud connection if there is adequate bandwidth from all of the branch sites. Apart from helping companies fully utilize the capacity of their cloud connections, SD-WAN brings them into its umbrella. This can further ensure that every individual application you use is getting adequate bandwidth. 


4. You Can Simplify Your Mergers & Acquisitions

M&As have always been a huge struggle for IT departments. The situation becomes worse if the companies have divergent strategies in terms of applications and infrastructure. 

By using SD-WAN, you can tie all the individual WAN services that the companies have been using under a single SD-WAN. This has a significant impact on the time that it takes to value the acquisition. 


Advantages Of Opting For A Managed SD-WAN Services Provider

Working with an MSP like CTS is an optimal opportunity to enhance your remote capability and network connectivity through SD-WAN without sacrificing the Quality of Service. 

The term “managed” means your MSP will manage and maintain all your requirements entirely off-site. A reliable MSP would further explain the benefits and potential downsides before setting you up with a subscription. 

You would get all the following unique features that can create efficiencies in your business without it having to sacrifice functionality. They are:

  • Direct Cloud Access
  • Multiple Security Features
  • Smart User Interface
  • Minimal Packet Loss
  • Better Bandwidth Allocation
  • Centralized Controller
  • Easy Deployment Measures
  • Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP)
  • Flexible Connection Options
  • Outage Detection & Correction



Opting for the right MSP after evaluating their services isn’t always easy. The experts at CTS can help you fully leverage the benefits of SD-WAN to suit your long-term goals. We can help you club your security and network capabilities into a convenient single package through SD-WAN integration. 

Apart from the guaranteed max uptime and zero-touch deployments that we promise, here are 3 Benefits of CTS as your Managed Services Provider (MSP) For Your Business.

Integrating SD-WAN into your existing IT architecture requires great domain expertise. Contact Our SD-WAN Experts today to get your systems analyzed for efficient SD-WAN integration.