Ransomware is a fast-spreading threat and research suggests that we can soon expect a global ransomware epidemic. Ransomware is a fast-growing business and it’s becoming extremely resistant.

The only way to safeguard your business from ransomware attacks is to work with a reliable Managed Service Provider (MSP). An MSP can scan your IT infrastructure for vulnerable areas and can seal them before they get exposed to attacks. 

According to the FBI, more than 900 ransomware attacks happen each year which lead to losses of up to 18 million dollars. Some ransomware could simply just steal your data or in some cases, could push your entire business to a halt. If you aren’t planning on being a victim of such an attack, here’s what you can do!


Learn How A Business Gets Affected

No business is fully immune to a ransomware attack but understanding the origin and mode of infection could give you an edge. The origin is either from an infected email attachment or a compromised website. 

Accessing phishing sites unknowingly could also get you into trouble. It could trigger an invisible exploit toolkit download. It then automatically installs itself on your PC and begins to encrypt your files. In some cases, an employee might accidentally open a  “.exe” installer which a hacker has sent as a “.pdf” file. 


Hire An MSP Who Specializes In Ransomware

Unfortunately small and medium-sized businesses are the most common victims of such attacks. There’s no silver bullet to ensure complete safety against them but working with a high-quality MSP like CTS could help you host a robust defense.  

In most cases, your business wouldn’t have the tools to carry out effective backups, system scans, and detect malware. An MSP that works with innovative technologies and techniques can help you accomplish this without having to host your own in-house team. 


Prepare In Advance

A robust backup is your first line of defense against any ransomware attack. This backup must cover every essential digital asset of your business. You really have just two options when ransomware begins to encrypt your files. 

You can either restore the backup or pay the ransom to decrypt your files which don’t always end well. An MSP will help you host a real-time backup where all your data gets backed up at periodic intervals. You can also ask your MSP to provide a distributed backup solution. 

This will help you store multiple copies of your files in different locations. The infected node wouldn’t affect the backup archives immediately. As a cherry on top, CTS can also help you with disaster recovery if an unfortunate incident were to occur. 


Protect Your IT Infrastructure

It is important to train your workforce about social engineering techniques. They must also know not to download clickbait attachments from unknown sources. Human errors are and will continue to be the number one cause behind ransomware attacks. 

CTS has a risk mitigation strategy that involves:

  • Minimizing administrative privileges
  • App whitelisting
  • Patching operating systems, and
  • Patching apps

Instead of relying on a regular PC antivirus, ask your MSP to host a centralized security managed endpoint solution. This will drastically reduce your response time during ransomware attacks. 


Do Not Pay The Ransom

If you find yourself being a victim of a ransomware attack, it is tempting to pay the ransom money. But you have to remember that there’s no guarantee that they would decrypt your files. By paying them, you are indirectly helping them build much more sophisticated hacking tools. 

Needless to say that you could again be their next victim now that they know how vulnerable you are. There are cases where the ransomware kit laid dormant for years inside the victim’s business collecting and stealing their information all along. 


Final Thoughts

Ransomware prevention is not a step but a process that has to occur in real-time 24/7. Hiring an in-house team might sound viable but the amount of money and time it takes to train them is huge. Partnering with a Managed Services Provider (MSP) is the only sensible option to ensure your business stays protected. 

If you’d like to know why CTS is the best-Managed Service Provider for your business, consider reading: 3 Benefits of CTS as your Managed Services Provider (MSP) For Your BusinessWith the power of technology, CTS has been supporting and empowering small to mid-sized businesses (SMB) for years now. Reach out to our Ransomware Experts to get a personalized solution.