Job seekers have always preferred remote work. It allows employees to have better control over their personal and professional lives. But, businesses have typically been skeptical about it until the covid pandemic forced their hands. It didn’t take too long for businesses to realize the advantages that remote work brings to the table. 

Remote workspaces can completely eliminate the need for in-house operations. With enough planning and coordination, remote work culture can reduce your business expenses and increase employee satisfaction. Your company can also maintain business as usual in the middle of disasters. 

This article highlights 5 proven benefits of remote work. You may be inspired to rethink the way your business operates. 


1. Better Disaster Readiness

In the event of natural disasters like weather-related shutdowns, not every business has a telecommuting arrangement in place. Leaving your operations stranded for a few days can cripple your business. You might also disappoint the clients who depend on you. In these instances, you need a remote work contingency plan. 

It takes very little time to set up and prepare, but can keep your business up and running through these types of instances. A temporary telework action plan will keep your employees safe from a crisis and keeps your business operations stable. 

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2. Reduced Business Expenses

Onsite business operations that involve office space overhead, equipment and travel reimbursements aren’t cheap. Remote-enabled companies can save money here. 

A report from Global Workplace Analytics states that by allowing an employee to work remotely 50% of the time, you can save as much as $11,000. The amount you save depends on the number of employees working for you. 


3. Increase In Employee Retention & Satisfaction

An online survey says that over 42% of employees would accept a salary cut if they can have flexible work hours. Adults aged 18 to 34 were willing to sacrifice more than 10% of their salaries. This illustrates the value of remote work among employees. 

Another survey says that employees who work remotely are 13% more likely to retain their jobs for a prolonged interval when compared to the ones who don’t.


4. Wider Access To Applicants

A growing business can expand the recruitment pool by welcoming job applicants from all around the globe. Removing geographic obstacles through remote work is a possible way to achieve this. It eliminates hiring borders and helps you attract global talent that leads to more diverse workplaces. 

From posting job openings to recruitment, an employer can do everything using virtual environments. This helps you widen your hiring net without compromising the quality of employees that you recruit. It also helps you eliminate any shortage of skills that you may have in your business. 


5. Acute Increase In Productivity

There’s a general myth that says remote workers are pseudo-professionals who don’t have a “real job”. In reality, they seem to be even more productive than office workers because remote workers may have very few workplace distractions. 

They also have the flexibility to work during the hours where they feel productive. An Airtasker survey of 1004 workers once tracked their mouse movement throughout a typical workday. 59% of office workers seemed distracted when compared to 39% of remote workers. 



If you’re an employer who prioritizes eco-friendliness, remote work culture can reduce your carbon footprint significantly. Leveraging the power of cloud technology is equally important if you’re trying to set up remote work. Here’s how you can do it right: 5 Ways Of Using Cloud Technology To Level-Up Your Small Business

Businesses that are new to the scene or the ones that are trying to migrate to remote work, might require assistance from a professional who can make the transition easy for you. 

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