If you own an e-commerce store or a website business, SSL certificates are a necessity. A well-encrypted site instills confidence in your clients, which, in turn, increases your conversion rate. Before you decide on an SSL provider, here are 5 convincing qualities of a good SSL Provider you should consider:


1. Lets You Choose Between Several SSL Brands

If the SSL certificate provider that you’ve opted for is imposing or working with just one SSL brand, they cannot offer you unbiased suggestions. 

They might recommend you choose the same brand over and over again regardless of your security needs. 

Do your research and identify security providers who work with a range of SSL brands. This way you have more chances of arriving at an SSL certificate that best suits your needs and interests.


2. Provides Live-Support 24/7

The main purpose of hiring an SSL provider is to have 24/7 on-demand support. 

Most firms claim that they offer all-day support through direct phone calls, chat, and emails. But, they don’t always hold to their commitment when you need them the most. 

Also, make sure that they can accommodate your time zone. Have a call with them to understand how they manage their schedule throughout the day.


3. Uses An Auto SSL Renewal System

Companies focus their entire attention on selling SSL certificates but they may not do the same when it comes to renewing them. 

There are a lot of reasons for this to happen but not having enough knowledge about SSL management is the most obvious one among the rest. Your SSL certificate provider should be able to manage your certificate renewal in addition to your initial order. 

A lapse in your SSL certificate leaves your site vulnerable without encryption. Instead, your provider should remind you well in advance that your documents are about to expire.


4. Has A Valid EV Certification

There are hundreds of SSL providers available who can get the job done for a really cheap price. But are they reliable? 

Before signing a deal, make sure that your provider has an EV (Extended Validation) SSL certificate. 

This should’ve been approved by a third-party authority and not themselves. If your provider has a green browser address bar displaying their own EV certificate, that’s a good sign.


5. Offers You A Money-Back Guarantee

If you are a complete beginner and this is the first time you are going to be applying for an SSL certificate, it may not always go right. 

If you are filing a cancellation order, the company should be okay with giving your money back to you within 30 days. This also proves how confident a company is about its services.



SSL is a trust-creating factor that enables your customers to conduct online transactions confidently. Do you want to know how SSL can impact your business growth? Read this blog: SSL: What is it and why you need it? 

It is always advisable for a new startup or online business to get their website checked for liabilities. 

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