Hiring the right IT managed service provider can save you time, energy and even money. Here are the must-have qualities of a Managed Services Provider:

1. Rich Expertise In IT Infrastructure

While you may not have a user manual for how to upgrade your computers or patch a server, an IT MSP with multiple years of expertise will have proven processes and documentation on hand particularly meant for these situations. 

Utilizing the experience and expertise of a seasoned Managed Services Provider will create efficiency for your organization in both the near and long term.

2. Rapid Response Time

Your employees may not work 24 hours a day, but your IT infrastructure needs to be up and running at all times. The time you take to recover from any IT issues depends on how fast your managed service provider is going to respond. 

The reputation of your entire business depends on how reliable your services are. So, make sure the service provider that you select is available throughout the day, even at odd hours. 

You will work with your MSP to determine a response time that you both find to be suitable.

3. Frequent Security Monitoring

As technology continues to advance, so does the number of cyber-criminals and hackers as well as the level of effort they put in to cripple websites and networks. 

Your Managed Service Provider should perform frequent security tests to detect and eliminate threats. 

4. Proactive Problem Solving

If a managed service provider is only offering you monthly reports of what’s working and what’s at risk, it is time you go look for a proactive problem solver. 

A good strategy is one that can prevent problems even before you encounter them. An experienced MSP can anticipate attacks and malfunctions before they occur. 

This gives you a really long time frame to come up with a countermeasure. A good MSP is not just the one that knows how to recover but can also reduce the rate of occurrence of problems. 

5. A Thorough Roadmap For Disaster Recovery

No matter how good a strategy you have on hand, you might stumble upon disasters that you just cannot escape from. 

Weather disasters, vandalism, or power overloads can very easily damage an existing IT system. 

The IT service provider that you hire should be able to lay down a disaster recovery plan that covers not just the present, but also the future. 

This will give you a window to focus on your core business rather than having to worry about technical issues. 

6. Highly Versatile

The employees who work for you cannot get their jobs done if they are going to be fighting with technology. Your IT MSP should be able to take all the burden off their shoulders. 

They should provide fast answers to all the technical questions that may arise. Even if they aren’t physically present at the moment, they must have the means to acquire remote access to resolve issues as fast as possible. 

They must have knowledge in various aspects of the industry including VoIP business phones, wireless services, etc.,

7. Forward Thinking & Supportive

Your MSP should be futuristic and this includes the tools and resources that they employ. They must be able to use technology to their advantage. 

Automatic and consistent backups are key to ensure that your data stays safe no matter what. Using Cloud resources is not a luxury anymore but a necessity. 

They must be able to store all the relevant data in a remote server. You can later use this to recover your data during or after a disaster.

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