The business terrain has always been described as unpredictable. More so now that we are in the midst of a pandemic when everything we have learned no longer applies. Through all the unpredictability, hopefully, your internet connection would not hold you back.

Dynamic managers of organizations have known the benefits of SD-WAN. It can take up the need for cost-efficient, flexible, and scalable networking. 

If you are still not sure how SD-WAN could work for you, then you came to the right place.

What is SD-WAN?

SD-WAN is the abbreviated form for software-defined wide-area networking. It is a virtual WAN architecture that gives companies the advantage of utilizing any mix of transport services. Examples are broadband internet services, MPLS, and LTE to connect users to applications safely and securely.

SD-WAN makes use of a consolidated control function to effectively and safely direct traffic over the WAN. This improves application performance and brings the ultimate user experience. The benefits include reduced costs for IT and increased productivity.

How can SD-WAN help my business?

1. You will no longer need legacy infrastructure.

Managing a conventional router-centric WAN architecture is very rigorous and complicated. It stifles your business’ agility. Supporting the infrastructure, setting up current applications, or establishing policy changes is laborious. Additionally, it is time-consuming, error-prone, expensive, and inefficient.

A business-driven SD-WAN gets rid of the need for legacy branch routers, firewalls, and expensive MPLS backhaul. It streamlines the WAN edge by consolidating the following: 

  • SD-WAN
  • routing
  • firewall
  • segmentation 
  • WAN optimization  
  • application visibility control 

Imagine all these in just one platform. 

With SD-WAN, you can eliminate expensive, cumbersome MPLS backhaul. You can enjoy savings in network transport, downtime, and deployment.

2. It can run on any transport

The typical network transport services are costly, complicated, and inflexible. The failure to readjust the network to current applications is pushing businesses to sacrifice a lot. This is either through raising costs to over-provision capacity. Another is by constraining performance due to bandwidth limitations. 

An SD-WAN makes it easy for your company to strengthen and leverage bandwidth. It sustains your entire business on shared, public broadband. It does not jeopardize performance or security. SD-WAN likewise presents a diversity of internet providers, bringing better flexibility and resiliency. You can run your business apps over public broadband effectively and safely.

3. It automates everything

One of today’s challenges is that the integration of new sites and applications needs frequent manual configuration. The same is true with cloud-delivered security services. It is simply time-consuming for you. Circuit failover is troublesome and affects user productivity and income streams. IT spends a considerable amount of time updating configurations and correcting network issues.

SD-WAN permits a self-operating network that applies machine learning. It also applies to Artificial Intelligence, monitoring, and analytics. This is to constantly update SaaS applications and produce immediate modifications. It works even under harsh network conditions.

4. State-of-the-art protection

Applications today continue to shift to the cloud. Varying traffic types are forcing the demand for a modern WAN approach. The security model is uniquely designed for today’s cloud-first companies. Protecting branch sites from threats call for more advanced security services.

SD-WAN permits end-to-end application distribution to undermine the attack surface. You can move from hardware-based firewalls to cloud-delivered security services. It is systematically carried out in minutes. You get a secure and continuous connection to business-critical applications. All this as IT reduces costs and simplifies the operations.

5. Business continuity

With the dynamic character of SD-WAN, you will be prepared to deal with traffic under various conditions. This includes complete outage scenarios. The structure of software management means we can apply Disaster Recovery plans. It prioritizes applications and user types to make sure that your business continues to be operational. If users have to leave a site, connectivity via SD-WAN clients could be run with selected apps regulated. This would now depend on the security policy of your IT security for users outside of the office.

Occurrences of disaster or outages may require that you carry out different plans. You may have to move the whole office to another floor or perhaps another city. With SD-WAN, internet connectivity is no longer a problem.

Overall, SD-WAN enables your business to efficiently use your network when it comes to using its resources. You may have to shell out a considerable investment but think about the long-term savings you will get out of this investment.

If you are ready to switch, now is the perfect time to seize the opportunity. Know more about SD-WAN technology and how it can help your business. Call us at  888.7.CTSNOW (728.7669) or schedule an appointment with our friendly consultants now!