Before the pandemic hit, there were only 7% of employees who were remote workers worldwide. Now, that number has skyrocketed to over 66%. This flexibility in work location has helped numerous companies and businesses around the world. They now realize the monetary benefits that remote work culture can bring. 

Setting up a remote workspace is not as easy as it sounds. You must draft policies, rules, and procedures to make sure consistency and productivity for your employees. The following article will highlight some items to consider. 

What Are The Benefits Of A Remote Workspace?

A remote workspace tremendously increases the productivity of an employee since they are in control of their working environment. A recent survey tells us that over 83% of employees were happy with working remotely. It can also help you save on operational overhead costs.

An employee can save anywhere from around $2500 to $4000 on transportation costs alone while working remotely. There are several companies around the world that operate solely with remote workers. This way, they can employ candidates from all around the world with unique skill sets. 

  • Learn To Differentiate Remote Work & Work From Home

A remote workspace needs remote employees and not regular ones who work from their homes. Remote employees operate in a permanent arrangement and they barely have to step foot inside your office. 

This completely changes the way things work from a management perspective. This introduces new challenges in the form of remote collaboration, accountability and productivity. 

  • Modify Your Process Of Hiring

Regular employees usually receive everything they need on-premises which isn’t the case with remote workers. The steps involved in the hiring process will need to be altered to include a new set of requirements for remote workers. 

Remote employees must be prepared to work within agreed upon cultural conditions that resemble your company’s physical location(s). This includes adhering to your overall operating hours and expectations for customer/client service.

  • Offer Them Everything They Need 

Hiring a remote worker doesn’t mean that you can neglect their necessities. You should allocate enough funds to set up their physical workspace. This includes company-provided desks, chairs, laptops, internet, and mobile phones to make the work environment professional and consistent.

You can either provide them with your resources or have them buy and reimburse them. If they can’t seem to find the necessary equipment where they live, they should be able to request them from you. 

  • Establish Sufficient Communication

You aren’t going to meet your remote employees physically. A pristine communication system should be in place to keep them informed about their targets and goals.

To help involve them in your company’s overall culture, it is essential to engage them in frequent meetings that aren’t really business-related. Learn to read non-verbal clues and pay attention to the tone of voice over video calls to figure out ways to make them feel like they are a part of your team. 

  • Migrate To Remote Workspaces Slowly

Even before the pandemic, over 25% of US companies were employing remote workers which helped them manage the pandemic better. The companies that tried migrating to remote workspaces instantly, failed. If your business is still working with full-time in-person employees, you have to focus on the speed of your migration. The faster you shift, the more vulnerable you are to losses. 

Need Help With Setting Up Remote Workspaces?

The pandemic has impacted businesses in ways we couldn’t have predicted. Many companies struggle to switch their operation to remote because they’re just not used to it. 

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