People still believe cloud technology to be relatively new. In reality, cloud technology has been transforming the way businesses share and store information for over a decade. 

Opting for a cloud-based program is the single most important technological shift that your business needs. Only then will you have access to these 7 effective cloud practices that can increase your productivity and profit.

  • Partner with an insightful cloud expert

If you’re getting introduced to the cloud, it is vital that you hire or work with and experienced partner. An insightful cloud partner wouldn’t help you with the installation. They can also identify the areas of complexities inside your business that can be simplified with usage of cloud resources. 

CTS, a cloud-managed service provider, has been offering our services with rich expertise and mastery in the field. We can help you get started with everything that the cloud has to offer.

  • Establish a Minimum Viable Cloud (MVC)

Building an MVC is of great importantance. This is where you will be initiating the first production cloud. You’ll then continue to iterate the same platform as you migrate further into the cloud. 

You must first look for the right pilot application for your MVC. You must pick something that’s manageable, small, and needs fewer than 10 servers. 

  • Perform Gap Assessment on security and governance.

The cloud security that your partner uses would be nearly identical for all their clients. But the tricky part is figuring out the Security and Governance control objects that your MVC needs. 

These would vary significantly from one client to the other. Some may require PCI and SOX compliance, whereas others may need regulations such as NIST, and FISMA. With proper tools and processes, the cloud partner that you’ve hired must be able to simplify this process for you. 

  • Maintain continuous compliance

The IT environment of several enterprises is hardware-based. Whereas the cloud and its resources are software-based. You will need to set up independent software to maintain continuous compliance. 

They must be able to calculate the consumption and usage of all your cloud services. Doing this will help you minimize risks and maintain compliance with fewer errors. 

  • Integrate Automation Frameworks

The final goal of yours should be to automate or minimize the effort behind implementing new cloud services and managing the old ones. Implementing and deploying every individual application through code is the only way to do it. 

Every time you assign a new team to work on your MVC, they must be able to extract and replicate at least 90% of your previous code while deploying a new service. A good cloud managed service provider would help you formulate repeatable automation templates.

  • Implement remote work to scale your business

Rapid expansion is one of the major advantages of using cloud resources. This means that you can hire top performers from all around the globe and they can work remotely from wherever they are. Surprisingly, remote workers seem to last longer in their jobs than permanent employees do. 

Apart from helping you save on operating costs, this will help you expand the boundaries of your business across the world. Certain cloud resources would also help your employees share the same file and work on it at the same time. 

  • Commit to the “Cloud First” approach

This approach suggests that you have to move all your data and applications into the cloud unless you have a strong reason to do otherwise. Unless you do this, you can never reap or enjoy the benefits of the cloud. 

No matter how easy it may sound, you may have to take a strategic route to tackle this. This is more of a leadership initiative rather than being a technological decision. 



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