In today’s digital environment a startup company should have a reliable cloud service provider. Impeccable data storage and security. Flexible application development. Fast response to meet the demands of your business and your market. Accurate analytics. These are some elements of cloud services that, when used to their full potential, can make your startup grow rapidly. 

Only a highly trained and experienced cloud service provider can help you manage the tech concerns of your startup company. 

Consider the services of Computing Technology Solutions (CTS). With almost two decades of solid IT expertise, CTS is at the forefront in digital innovations for business applications. Working with a wide variety of industries, CTS gives you an edge by making technology work to your advantage. Your company will experience the benefits of their enhanced solutions to drive your business forward. 

The core of CTS’ drive for customer satisfaction lies in their work culture of Obsessive Customer Focus. It’s the best of both worlds in technical and professional service. CTS is more than capable of handling the IT management of your business. 

CTS understands not only what your startup needs but also the digital environment it wants to thrive in. It’s your trusted tech partner so you can focus on building your business. 

Here are 3 reasons why CTS is your best choice as a cloud service provider to your startup company. CTS offers 3 excellent cloud platforms to align with your business. 


  • CTS’ private cloud platform

If your business works best with private and customized cloud computing, CTS can manage it using its own cloud service. Expect specialized, tailor-fit solutions to your startup company’s digital requirements and budget concerns. CTS’ cloud-based resources include:

  • Infrastructure as a service  (IaaS) – Houses servers with secure capacities for sensitive data storage and access
  • Platform as a service (PaaS) – Provides tools for customizing online applications that your market needs
  • Software as a service (SaaS) – Offers support systems to make your software available to your market via the internet.


Using CTS’ cloud services to its optimum level will help your startup to:

  • reduce costs by streamlining operations and workflows
  • virtually work anywhere 
  • feel safe with security-compliant data storage and access
  • easily integrate with your current IT infrastructure for a seamless transition


  • Partnership with Microsoft Azure

If your startup business requires the cloud platform of Microsoft Azure. CTS can arrange that for you. Microsoft Azure uses its data centers to create, maintain, deploy, and manage an extensive variety of cloud services such as:

  • Computer Services which involve IaaS, PaaS, and website-building
  • Identity Management and Security that uses Azure Active Directory services
  • Mobile Services that focus on consumer engagement and developing mobile  apps.
  • Storage Services for storing data and controlling access on cloud.
  • Data Management which includes big data analytics and database managemen


And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Azure offers more than 600 cloud-related products to meet the demands of your startup. Providing the capability to develop and deploy applications remains Azure’s advantage. It is a fully scalable cloud platform that supports Microsoft legacy apps and open source technologies.


  • Partnership with AWS

CTS can also manage your cloud computing via Amazon Web Services (AWS), a popular cloud platform with all-encompassing services. These include analytics, application integration, storage, security, database, and developer tools, among many others. AWS is known for: 

  • Most functionality – with more cloud-based services and the widest variety of databases. They’re designed for different types of apps to give you the specific tools you need.
  • Largest global network of users and partners – AWS boasts of millions of users. Including thousands of system integrators and independent software vendors from different industries.
  • Secure environment – Ensures security protocols adhere to government and institutional compliance standards. Especially for the most highly sensitive security requirements.
  • Fast Innovation – Inventing and developing the latest tech transform scalable businesses.
  • Operational experience – Since 2006, AWS is the longest-running cloud platform. And it continues to expand their range of services. 


A startup business poses its unique set of challenges. Particularly, because of its very nature to create an idea that will take the market by storm. Not to mention its distinct quality of scalability. Utilizing digital solutions will make a positive impact in saving time, effort, and money. That’s why it’s crucial to pick a reliable IT expert as your partner to manage the tech side of your business. The best way to do this is to explore the advantages of CTS’ cloud services. Options. Your startup’s vision combined with CTS’ expertise is the perfect match to boost your business.

Contact a CTS specialist and they’ll be ready to assist you with your cloud services inquiries. Feel free to discuss your IT concerns. Rest assured, CTS will only recommend products that will serve your business needs. It’s the easiest thing you’ll do and the best decision you’ll make for the future of your startup company.